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AP Computer Science Principles Course Aims to Attract More Students to the Field

Read more about how Art Lopez and Beth Simon contributed to offering AP Computer Science Principles at Sweetwater High School, the College Board course will debut across the country during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Good Schools for All: When to Consider Special Ed

Shana Cohen, assistant professor in EDS, joins Voice of San Diego's Scott Lewis and Laura Kohn to talk about how children from different backgrounds sometimes receive varied levels of services for developmental disabilities.

2016 Most and Least Educated Cities: The Experts

Critical thinking and problem solving, Megan Hopkins of EDS tells WalletHub, are the key skills we should as a country focus on teaching. “What is taught in K-12 schools needs to reflect the skills that adults will need to use in the workforce,” she said. “Our current focus on testing and accountability has led us to a place where many schools focus on teaching to the test.”

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