Alan J Daly

The Department of Education Studies is oriented around the critically important goal of collaboratively transforming educational systems to better serve all students. We research and reinvent educational practices and policies so that all learners can experience an equitable and excellent education. The Department operates on the premise that the current education system does not necessarily work well for many students, particularly those from under-resourced and underserved communities, and our expressed mission is to address disparities in opportunity provision and outcomes. In meeting this critical goal, we firmly believe that a close intersection between research and practice is key to achieving this goal and as such are committed to both rigor and relevance in our work.

Our academic programs prepare students for teaching, leadership, research, and community engagement. Students learn research-based practices that enable them to be highly effective and reflective teachers, leaders, and researchers. Our faculty brings a wide variety of teaching, leadership, and disciplinary backgrounds to their work. We share a commitment in providing excellent teaching to our students, supporting equity and diversity, and engaging in rigorous inquiry into the most pressing educational issues of the 21st century. We live our mission, take pride in our work, and are passionate about transforming education in a diverse society.

We hope that you will take the time to peruse our website and learn about the exciting educational opportunities, teaching, and research efforts underway in the Department of Education Studies. We also hope that in addition to a virtual visit, you will also take the time to come by Pepper Canyon Hall and meet our incredible community of students, staff, and faculty.


Alan J. Daly Ph.D.

 UCSD Department of Education Studies