Course Authorization Forms

Course Preauthorization

If you do not meet the course pre-requisites for an EDS course, please use the Preauthorization System to request enrollment authorization.

Fall 2017 Placement Forms

How to Register for an EDS Practicum Course

  • You will need to receive authorization to register for any of the following courses: EDS 39, 128A/B, 129A/B/C, 130, 131, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, and 141
  • Since Practicum courses place UCSD students in the community, extra information is required
  • Before you can register, you will need to complete a PAL Placement Request Form
    • EDS 130, 131, 136, 137, 140, and 141 require the PAL Placement Request Form
    • EDS 130, 131, & 137 also require the Mandatory Background Check Form
  • The PAL Placement Form is submitted online and you will be authorized to enroll within 1-2 business days
    • The Mandatory Background Check Form will be turned in to Emmeline Domingo in EDS, PCH 306
  • After you are authorized, you can login to WebReg and register for the course
  • In addition, all PAL courses require a 2-credit co-requisite course, EDS 139
    • You must register for the EDS 139 section that has the same instructor as your PAL course
  • A TB Test is also required. Test results need to be brought to class on the first day.
    • This test can be completed at the Student Health Center.

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